Hi, I'm Karim. Welcome to Jibly.
Jibly is a research lab where I explore different ideas around education. Aiming to make the pursuit of knowledge more fun than entertainment. The experiments that show promising signs of growth, are turned into companies.

* Some of my work has been featured on:

Curious.im Coming soon... Currently in closed beta
Howww.to Online courses reduced to 5sec GIFs In progress
DIY Holograms Workshop A workshop on how to build your own Holograms at Vodafone Hired by Vodafone
CodeCast Real-time code editor with instant preview Grew from 0 to 3500 users in 24 hours
Traction.VC Educational portal for entrepreneurs to find step-by-step growth tactics Went from idea to proitable business in 15 hours
Family Pluym Helped educational publisher Malmberg with prototyping, gamedesign, concepting, UX & UI in the making of their B2C education app Hired by Malmberg
Titatoys Consulted Sanoma with their internal startups, helping them research, prototype and launch new eduactional products Hired by Sanoma
TEDX Experience Created an experience where the connections made between visitors of TEDX EDU Amsterdam (through having a conversation with each other) was automatically visualized on the ceiling, using open beacon Hired by TEDX
Storyteller Designed and built an innovative reading app for children Hired by SBM
Zermooma Created a tool that lets you create a digital gameworld, by using physical materials Featured by Discovery Channel
GeoFort Assisted & adviced in the designing, concepting and making of an educational theme park Hired by Geofort
Nenna Storytelling app for the iPad that lets parent and child, create stories together Open Sourced
TafelsOefenen Improve your math skills in an addictive game Grown to 60k+ players per year
Phirtual Bees What if you could physically feel the virtual world? Featured on Engadget
Animaatje Designed & built a sandbox that combines the digital and physical world Open sourced in 2009, spun off by other companies
Mystery of the Colonel's Ghost Designed a game to playfully introduce players to the history of Adelaide, Australia Hired by De Waag