Karim Amrani, founder of Jibly, taught himself at 11 years old to program in BASIC. At the age of 17 he got extremely bored with school. There was no creative challenge, only factual memorization and standardized testing. His mentor demotivated him even more, suggesting him to take slower classes. Karim sacked twice and thus got kicked out and had to change schools. At this new place he only had a couple of hours of school a week, allowing him to spend the extra hours playing around with creative ideas. He later went to sharpen his creative skills studying Design for Virtual Theatre and Gamedesign in Utrecht, getting his BAT degree in Art & Technology.

His mission is to make learning more fun & inspiring. Saving future generations from the bad experiences he had to go through. Karim has been hired by countless schools, governments and international organizations to speak, teach, consult and help them innovate. He has built everything from apps, robots and large interactive installations. He's had the pleasure to work with folks from Google, Yahoo, IBM and others.

Karim started Jibly to be a lab with a mission. A playground for new ideas. Exploring new ways of learning and teaching. Going at it one experiment at a time. Hoping to stumble upon an idea that takes off and makes waves in the world of education and touches a billion lives.

Today, Jibly consists of an international network of designers, developers, educators and innovators. For each project or experiment, Karim assembles an A-team of industry-leading-professionals to take on the challenge. There is no HQ, everyone works remotely and enjoys the nomad lifestyle.